Hidden Colorful Highlights For Better Self Expression

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One may say that to look good you have to work for it really hard. This is, however, only partially true. Some women look stunning owing to their inner state and positive mindset allowing them to shine bright every day. This also gives them freedom to make bold choices as to their appearances. However, even if your inner state dictates your external appearance all the time, you may always add some brave and colorful strokes by highlighting hair and playing with colors therefor.

There is definitely nothing more exciting than trying new things out. Women and girls know this the best as they tend to experiment with their looks more often than men do. Therefore, dying hair in new bright shades or changing a hairstyle every 6 months helps females on  their life-long journey to the ultimate understanding of their beauty and uniqueness. In this article, we will give you a couple of ideas on how to add some color to your life through bold hair color choices.

Ideas For Blonde Hair With Purple Highlights Underneath

Fair women perfectly know how to shine and look absolutely stunning. However, sometimes even they want to add some new shades to their looks and hair usually falls first within their sight. Therefore, if you are looking for some new ideas on how to ring changes, that is what we have prepared for you:

  • royal purple and pink romance: by mixing a couple of pinkish and purplish colors on your blonde hair you will definitely arrive at the look which will leave people around you speechless. This choice is both romantic and bold and will suit self-confident and tender girls;
  • dusty lilac dream hair: in case your hair is rather of gray shadow, you will love this one! Imagine these two colors closely intertwining all over your hair while still leaving your gray hair color visible. There is only one disadvantage of this look, you will definitely have to see your colorist more often;
  • purple peek-a-boo: for those not ready to go all the way with their color choice, dying only some strands of hair will work the best. A peek-a-boo technique allows to show off a pop of color without the commitment of an all over color;
  • pink-a-boo: a funny name for a funny hairstyle. If you wish to play with your hairstyle variations, you are more likely to opt for this one. The technique here is as follows: your side hair right under the top hair gets dyed in bright pink or purple and only the way you style it determines how much of color will be seen.


To sum it up, experiments helps us find what fits our personalities and bodies the best. This also works for hair dying. Once you decide to change something in the way you look and go for a bolder color, we advise you to consider one of our suggestions. These will suit a majority of girls and women while also allow for self-expression as everyone may modify the classic looks with their own ideas.

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