Add Some Color To Your Life With These Hair Solutions

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Looking great in many cases implies feeling great. Inner state is something that usually impacts the way women look. If you are confident in yourself, you will most definitely look confident. If you feel relaxed though firm that is how people around you are likely to perceive you. However, when your mood or state in this very moment is not the best one, your appearance may help hide how you truly feel and help you cope with daily difficulties.

Many women see colors as the way to brighten their lives and bring a rather positive mood. That is exactly why girls experiment with nail polish colors as well as with their hair choices. Haircut in combination with a hairstyle can tell a lot about your personality and character and therefore shall be carefully chosen. For those with short thick hair, different coloring options always work the best. In this article we will talk about adding some colorful highlights to make your hair look brighter and your mood becoming better!

Purple Highlights On Short Hair Ideas

There is obviously a variety of colors which may be added to your hairstyle, however, purple is a particular one and deserves special attention. Why so? Because this color looks good on blonde as well as dark hair of any length and thickness. For you to be able to make the right choice and select the hairstyle which would suit you the best. Below are the top suggestions for adding purple highlights, make sure to consider them when going to the barber’s shop.

Best purple highlight hairstyles for short hair:

  • peacock hairstyle: who does not admire the mix of purple and blue on the dark hair? This does not only look classy but also allows you to play with setting of hair options. This subtle look also works if you need to look professional and serious in some occasions;
  • purple hidden highlights: if going all the colorful way is not exactly for you, add some mystery with the hidden highlights. Pick a section from underneath your top hair and experiment. If you want to show more color, make a ponytail or an updo and get ready to impress people!
  • lavender balayage highlights: for those obsessed lavender fans, this highlight color will not only bring you joy but also remind you of how much this plant is beautiful;
  • purple and pink ombre highlights: in case you are nothing but a shy girl, adding some pink and purple may be the most rebellious option. This combination of color will add your generall look fleur of freedom and independence while also draw attention of men.

All in all, adding some color to the basic things in one’s appearance is the best way to stand out in the crowd as well as express oneself. For those who are especially in love with lilac, lavender or mauve shades of purple, adding some highlights can prove to be a right decision. Whether you are blonde or brunette, these color palette will work for you, so make sure to try it out!

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