If you ask any woman what matters the most in nails covering, she would probably state color and design. And even though monochrome nails are still somewhat popular, people tend to opt for art options on a frequent basis. However, when it comes to favourite colors, not much gets changed. Black and white will always be one of the favorite combinations of colors for many as it is both simple and intriguing.

Eyes are the mirror of our souls. They reflect what we feel and what we want. Eyes make our faces look symmetric and more attractive. Blue as lagoon, green as forest, or hazel as earth, your eye color is only half of the deal. What makes eyes even more appealing and gripping depends on the make up we put on them. Whether natural or provoking, make up is what helps us shape what we want to show better and eyes are undoubtedly the most important part of it.

For those endlessly devoted to French nails in their traditional version, it is sometimes necessary to try something new. And this new does not mean choosing other than classic manicure, but rather modify the classic version of it. Pink and white always work the best, however, for some occasions you may also want to try something new and more colorful. That is why we have come with several stylish ideas for you which will be especially popular in 2018.

One may say that to look good you have to work for it really hard. This is, however, only partially true. Some women look stunning owing to their inner state and positive mindset allowing them to shine bright every day. This also gives them freedom to make bold choices as to their appearances. However, even if your inner state dictates your external appearance all the time, you may always add some brave and colorful strokes by highlighting hair and playing with colors therefor.

Looking great in many cases implies feeling great. Inner state is something that usually impacts the way women look. If you are confident in yourself, you will most definitely look confident. If you feel relaxed though firm that is how people around you are likely to perceive you. However, when your mood or state in this very moment is not the best one, your appearance may help hide how you truly feel and help you cope with daily difficulties.